LED placement machine requirements for air cleanliness

Today, I will introduce to you about the air cleanliness requirements of the LED placement machine?

If there is a lot of dust in the working environment, it will affect the quality of tiny components, such as 0201 and 01005, as well as the placement and welding of fine-pitch (0.3mm) components, and will also increase the wear degree of the device, and some will also This leads to the failure of the LED placement machine, which increases the maintenance and repair workload of the LED placement machine. In the SMT production environment, in addition to dust, there may also be certain chemical gases. If there are some harmful substances in these gases, it will cause certain damage to the human body; if these gases are corrosive, it will be very affect the reliability of the product. Therefore, we must keep the working environment clean and hygienic, with no dust, no corrosiveness, and no odorous gas.

In this way, the welding quality of the product as well as the normal operation of the device and the health of the operator can be ensured. The cleanliness of the air in the working environment should reach 100,000 grades. If there is a certain air volume in an air-conditioned environment, the CO2 content should be controlled below 1000PPM as much as possible, and the CO2 content should be controlled below 10PPM, in order to ensure the health of the human body. If you want to report that the cleanliness of the factory is 100,000, then you must pay a very high cost, which is difficult for ordinary factories to do. In order to achieve such an environment, the staff must draw a vacuum when entering the workshop, and there is negative pressure in the entire workshop. In the current environment of fierce market competition, production profits are getting smaller and smaller. If such requirements are not met, it is also necessary for us to make regulations on the degree of cleanliness. For example, cartons that have an impact on dust cannot enter the SMT workshop. The humidity and temperature of the working environment of the LED placement machine are sometimes determined according to the requirements of the attached chips. LED placement machine workshops are equipped with air conditioners, which can be adjusted according to specific environmental requirements.