Mounter Failure Analysis And Solutions

We may often encounter various types of failures during the use of the placement machine. If we need to maintain the use of the placement machine, we must conduct a timely analysis of the placement machine failure to deal with and solve it. Now let Hua Weiguo The manufacturer of multi-function placement machine will briefly introduce how to deal with common problems. Failure analysis and troubleshooting of the placement machine a. The placement machine emergency switch is disconnected: pull out the emergency switch button. b. The solenoid valve is not activated: repair the solenoid valve. c. The interlock switch is closed: open the interlock switch. d. Insufficient air pressure: check the air source to make the air pressure reach the required value. e. Computer failure: restart after shutdown. two. After the placement machine is turned on, the software cannot be entered a, pull out the motor I/O card, clean the golden finger position, tighten the motor I/O card, tighten the screw b, AutoTronik driver error, reinstall the driver c, desktop icon link error, Redo shortcut key three. Analysis and troubleshooting of the placement head failure of the placement machine. a. The transmitter or sensor is defective or short-circuited: check and repair the transmitter or sensor. b. Poor contact or short circuit of the longitudinal transmitter or sensor: repair the transmitter or sensor. c. Too much oil and the sensor is contaminated: Do not use too much oil and clean the sensor. four. After being installed on the board, the PCB will not move forward. Fault analysis and troubleshooting a. The PCB transmitter belt is loose or broken: replace the PCB transmitter belt. b. Dirt or short circuit on the PCB transmitter sensor: wipe the PCB transmitter sensor. c. Too much lubricant and the sensor is contaminated: Do not use too much lubricant and clean the sensor.

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