How Should The Placement Machine Replace The Cutter

The placement machine cutter is a commonly used prop used inside the placement machine. Through the cutter, we can better produce and place components to make quick responses and improve our production efficiency. However, the cutter is A kind of consumable props, after accumulating use over time, will cause certain damage to itself. At this time, we need to replace the cutter to complete the future operation, then how to replace the cutter? let’s figure it out together.

1. Replace the same model tool

       1: First, we must return to the origin, move the feeder bracket to the waiting position, and then turn off the “head servo”.

       2: Use the manual handle to rotate the head to CT25° and turn off the air.

       3: Loosen the screws of the fixed block and the adjustment block, first remove the cutter on the fixed knife, and then remove the cutter on the moving side.

       4: After reinstalling the cutter, turn the adjusting screw on the left side of the cutter, and use the cutter to move the cutter up and down so that it can cut paper (normal book paper), but not too tight; at the same time, the cutter overlaps *Defects must It is 1mm.

       5: Tighten the screws of the fixed block and the adjustment block of the placement machine.

       6: Use the manual handle to turn the head back to the origin, and then turn on the air source to return to the origin.

2. Change different types of tools

       1: Change the tool as described above.

       2: First, check whether the cutting knife of the placement machine is open and whether the tape width is appropriate.

       3: Use the tool of the mounting machine to move up and down, and then check whether the running path of the tool is appropriate.

       4: Adjust the cutter and push the length of the connecting rod to meet the conditions of 2 and 3.

       5: After adjusting the length of the connecting rod, the cutter stop pin of the placement machine must be adjusted accordingly to keep a distance of 0.5mm as much as possible.

       6: The above methods must adjust the fit of the upper and lower cutters of the placement machine.

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