What famous Japanese Brands Are There For SMT Placement Machines?

In the field of SMT production and processing, the placement machine is one of the key machinery and equipment. It plays the most critical function in the automated assembly line machinery and equipment. It harms the production capacity and high efficiency of the automated assembly line. It is also the most valuable equipment for the automated assembly line. The selection of placement opportunities takes into account many factors, such as: the reliability of the order information, the specifications and dimensions of the wood, the total number of wood placement components and the quality requirements for placement, so the placement machine is selected for the production of every electronic device. Manufacturing companies are particularly concerned. In the Chinese sales market, placement machines are mainly divided into US, Japan, Germany, South Korea and domestic series, which are somewhat similar to those of the automobile manufacturing industry. Below, Qihe will give everyone a detailed introduction to the well-known brands of Japanese SMT placement machines.

       1. Panasonic panasonic

       Panasonic placement machine is one of the popular Japanese brands. At this stage, the sales market has popular models such as CM402/CM602/NPM—D1/D2/D3/NPM-W1/W2. The CM series products have multi-purpose machines and high-speed processing. The center and NPM are mold-type high-speed machining centers, and the base of the NPM benchmark is the TX series products of Bosch NXT and Siemens PLC.

       2.yamaha YAMAHA

       The yamaha placement machine is a well-known Japanese brand. After recycling Hitachi and sony placement machines, it is known as the first medium-speed machine. The key models and specifications are YV/YVG/YS/YSM and other series of products, medium-speed multi-purpose placement machines At this stage, the sales market is relatively good. At this stage, China is pursuing perfect cost-effective factories, and those with average business scale and overall asset strength will choose Yamaha as the majority.

       3. FUJI

      FUJI placement machine is also one of the popular Japanese brands. At this stage, the key sales market is CP, xp, xpf, NXT series product models. NXT series products are well-known representative works of Bosch machines, mainly touch group machines, suitable for pasting Small batches are produced with multiple batch numbers, line replacement and maintenance are easy, and the placement rate and accuracy are relatively good. Therefore, many small electrical appliances in China choose NXT series products as high-speed machining centers.

       4. JUKI

       The JUKI placement machine is mainly dominated by medium-speed machines and multi-purpose machines. The speed and accuracy of high-speed machining center placement are not up to the standards of Panasonic and Bosch. The key model specifications are the LED-led JX series products. With its multi-purpose RX/FX/KE/FS series products, the market share of JUKI placement machines is still slightly less at this stage.

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