Qihe: Beach BBQ & Go Fishing !

Last weekend,we had organized a  barbecue and fishing  on Damen island which belongs to  group of islands of the East China Sea .Damen island is a very beautiful island connected to the mainland by a huge sea bridge . There are many kinds of seafood and many rivulets. You could see both mountain and seaside in view when driving on  mountain road .

We arrived in the place that plan to barbecue quickly on a beautiful beach called WestWave . We started to prepare the food and grill in small groups. Then we have enjoyed our roastmeat, fruits and drinking. We cleaned up the garbage and restored the beach to its original beautiful condition.Before we leaving there we took a group photograph .

After the barbecue, we started to go fishing . The most exciting thing!It took us half an hour to go to the ship port. We saw magnificentscenery. Some of us went fishing on a boat for the first time.We caught very rare Stingray fish.We returned to restaurant after 3 hours sailing . We felt very tired, but we also felt very lucky and happy.

With the help of the chef, we made a big meal with the fish we harvested today.

We thanked everything on Thanksgiving festival.

Article edited by Benny