How To Program SMT Patch?

SMT placement machine programming is divided into two stages, one is preparation for offline programming. The second is online programming adjustment. The actual key points of each processing plant are different according to the respective placement machine model specifications and management mechanisms. The actual key points are also different. The placement machine manufacturer Guang Yue Qingqi will share how the SMT placement machine is programmed and manufactured. :

SMT placement machine production line

1. The first to sort out the customer’s BOM, programming must be carried out on the computer, so it must be an electronic version. Generally it is in excel format.

2. Obtaining the coordinates on the pcb circuit board.

1. If the customer sends the coordinates of the exported excel or txt file too long, then immediately use the programming mobile phone software to combine the coordinates with the BOM that you sorted out.

2. If the customer sends a PCB document, then the coordinates must be exported by itself. Generally, protel99 or PADS2007 can be used to export in excel format.

3. The customer only gave a BOM and couldn’t give the coordinates. At this moment, the scanner must be scanned, and the points picked from the PCB scanner will be stored in CAD format, and the coordinates and BOM will be generated.

3. After the BOM and coordinates are generated, check whether there is any neglect or relocation. If there is, the design department must contact the customer to confirm, and save it in the format necessary for the equipment after OK.

With the above three steps, the offline programming of the SMT placement machine is probably completed. Below is the online adjustment of SMT placement machine programming:

1. Lead the compiled program flow into the equipment.

2. Find the starting point and make a mark.

3. Gradually calibrate the tag coordinates.

4. Improve the storage process, and check the component position and data information again.

5. Start to make a first sample to confirm.

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