Introduction To The Principle Of SMT Placement Machine

SMT placement machine is usually the most critical and most expensive device in SMT. It is a device for patching electronic components. So what is its principle? Let’s take a look

1. The principle of SMT placement machine

The SMT placement machine, also known as the “surface mount system”, is a device that is equipped with an automatic dispensing machine or a screen printing machine to accurately place surface mount components on the PCB solder layer according to the movable mounting head. It can be used to complete high-speed and high-precision component placement devices. It is the most important and most complicated device in all SMT manufacturing.

Second, the structure of SMT placement machine

At this stage, there are many types of SMT placement machines on the market, but whether it is a fully automatic high-speed placement machine or a manual low-speed placement machine, it is all composed of a sound card rack, PCB transmission and rolling bearing mechanism, driver system software , Precision positioning and pointing system software, feeder, electronic optical recognition technology, sensor and electronic computer automatic control system composed of new technology devices.

Briefly introduce its function:

The frame-the basic of the equipment, all the controllers, the precise positioning organization and the feeder are firmly fixed on it, so the impact toughness and rigidity must be achieved.

PCB transmission and belt organization-the transmission organization is placed on the slide rail of the slim belt conveyor system software. Its function is to transfer the PCB to the preservation site, develop the patch, and then transfer to the next step device .

Drive system software-it is important for the SMT placement machine, and it is also an index value for evaluating the accuracy of the placement machine. It includes the reasonable layout of the XYZ controller and the servo control system, including the movement and application of the applicable tape drive. Load rolling bearings.

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