How To Operate The SMT Placement Machine Correctly?

SMT placement machine is used to complete high-speed, high-precision automatic glass placement of electronic devices. It is the most important and most complicated machine in all SMT manufacturing. SMT placement machine is a new technology product, safe and proper operation is very important to the machine and to people. Below, Qihe shares with everyone how to use the SMT placement machine correctly.

1. Interpretation of the safe operation of SMT placement machine

The operator of the SMT placement machine should accept proper operation learning and training; when inspecting the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustments, the switch power supply should be turned off. The maintenance of the SMT placement machine must be carried out by pressing the emergency stop switch or breaking Carry out under the condition of switching power supply; Make sure that the YPU (program writing component) is in your hands to shut down the machine anytime and anywhere when “reading the coordinates” and carrying out the adjustment of the machine; make sure that the “interlocking” safety protection equipment is maintained reasonable to terminate the machine anytime , The inspection services on the SMT placement machine cannot be bypassed or wired, otherwise it is very prone to personal safety or machine safety production accidents; only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during manufacturing; during the operation period, ensure that the human body is Some parts such as hands and first class are outside the scope of machine movement; SMT placement machines must have proper grounding devices (real grounding devices, not neutral wires); do not use the machine in natural environments with natural gas or extremely dirty.

2. Proper adjustment operation of SMT placement machine

When the SMT placement machine transforms from assembling one type of PCB to assembling another type of PCB, it is necessary to carry out the reprogramming of the placement machine, the replacement of the feeder, the adjustment of the PCB transmission organization and the precise positioning operation table, SMT head adjustment/replacement and other adjustment work are in progress.

1. Carry out the programming of SMT placement machine. SMT placement machines are commonly used in two programming methods: human gait analysis programming and software programming. Low-block placement machines often use human gait analysis programs to write, and higher-end placement machines use software programming.

2. Replacement of the feeder. In order to better reduce the time it takes to replace the feeder, the most widely used way is to use the “quick release” feeder. The quick way is to replace the feeder rack to make the electronic components on each PCB type All feeders are placed on independent feeder racks for easy replacement.

3. PCB transmission organization and adjustment of precise positioning console. When the replacement PCB specification is not different from the current patch PCB specification, the total width of the PCB precise positioning operation table and the transmission organization of the transportation PCB should be adjusted. The automatic SMT placement machine can be adjusted automatically under the control of the system, and the lower gear placement machine can be manually adjusted.

4. Adjustment and replacement of the film head. When the types of electronic devices that should be mounted on the PCB are beyond the range of a patch header, or when the PCB type is changed, it is usually necessary to replace or adjust the patch header. Most placement machines can automatically carry out the replacement/adjustment process under the control of the system, while low-block placement machines use manpower to carry out such replacement and adjustment operations.

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