Support #QL41 Series Software Firmware Update Log

QL41 LED PNP Series Software Firmware Update log

Original factory model: QL41
Distributor possible model:QL41A QL41B

Previous version V1.32 – V2.05
Current Updatable Version V2.06

Email to your customer service manager to update the latest software.
Please provide your device model, Sn-number and current software version code .

If you cannot find or forget your manager’s contact or even purchased from a distributor.
Please leave us a message in our website dialog box or email us.
In addition to the device model,SN number and current software version code.
we also need your explain which way you purchased from.Also your email we’ll send the software to.
After verifying your information, we will update the software to you ASAP.

V2.06 – 20211029

1.Added the software language switching function.

2.Added the software account management function.

3.Optimized the drop height for HD vision.

V2.05 – 20210427

1、Modify the BUG about the wrong limit alarm when recognize the mark point in one-section track.

2、Compatible with csv file formats:posx center-x(mm).

3、Optimize the automatic sorting function.

4、Modify the bug that the placement speed parameters are saved incorrectly.

5、Optimize overall speed and acceleration for machine placement.

V2.04 – 20210417

1、Modify the interface related to the placement mode.

Switch for switching the placement mode

V2.04  1.1

The interface of One Section Track

V2.04  1.2

The interface of Three Section Track

V2.04  1.3

2、Modify the BUG that the param “Threshold” of camera in the system param causes the identification interference.

V2.03 – 20210330

1、Modify the BUG about failing to save the parameter “Num” of component in the coordinate file;

V2.03 1.1

2、Move after the lost check of Z-Axis is completed;

3、Cancel the parameter “Nozzle Up Pos”.

V2.02 – 20201118

1、Modify the BUG about the Mark correction of camera positioning in the one section track;

2、Modify the BUG about the coordinate changes of pcb array in  the one section track.

V2.01 – 20201113

1、Modify the BUG about cannot select more pcb array, and cannot select the first row of sub-pcb;

2、Can continue to work after a pause caused by the high-vision recognition error;

3、Adjustment and optimization of errors of high-vision;

4、Modify the BUG about using pcb array in the three section track.

V1.33 – 20200818

1.Down camera driver compatibility: USB driver or PCI.

V1.32 – 20200418

1.   Add the button“Comp Size”,it can help you use up camera to get the size of component which is selected;

V1.32 1.1

2.   Modify the BUG about “when click the button ‘aimed’ ,the component position data is wrong”;

3.   Add the function about “Auto Go Home”,after completing 5 PCBs,the machine will automatically return to the origin;

V1.32 3.1

4.   Add the datas:“Up camera Matrix PixelX/Y”and“Down camera Matrix PixelX/Y”;

V1.32 4.1

5.   Modify the BUG about“if the component name is empty,an error occurs in saving the file”.

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