Mounter Manufacturers Share The Preparations For Maintenance Of The Mounter

Today, the editor of Qihe electronic technology placement machine manufacturer is sharing with you about the preparation work for the maintenance of the placement machine. I hope that the following introduction can help you, so let’s follow the editor to take a look. Bar.

The placement machine manufacturer tells everyone that enjoying placement is actually the most critical automation device in the SMT process. It is a highly automated production device, which is equivalent to a placement robot. For this kind of high-precision production equipment, it must be properly maintained at a fixed time.

The placement machine manufacturers share the preparation work for the placement machine maintenance:

Prepare dust-free paper, clean water, fresh cotton, ultrasonic cleaner, oil, butter, red oil, guide screw lubrication and grease gun, solvent, cotton swab, torque wrench, hexagon wrench, needle, etc. The maintenance process is the usual step. Each part can be maintained separately. Lower the trolley-pull out the trolley-keep a clean transmission track-leave the server-lubricate and maintain the lead screw and slide rail-remove and maintain the suction nozzle-remove and maintain the vacuum conversion Valve-remove and maintain the shaft-lubricate the nozzle head gear-install the vacuum switch valve-install the shaft-install the nozzle-turn on the server-know the nozzle-push the trolley back-lift the trolley-test rotation.

Do you understand the preparation work for the placement machine maintenance shared by the manufacturer of the chip placement machine of Qihe electronic technology? Hope our introduction can help you better. If you have any questions, please call the hotline for consultation, we will have professional technical staff to answer you, and look forward to your call. You can also follow our website for real-time updates and more exciting information. Welcome to the next issue.

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