Support #QM61 Software Firmware Update Log

QM61 Series Software Firmware Update log

Original factory model: QM61 ( 6pcs standard camera vision )

Previous version V1.04 – V2.09
Current Updatable Version V2.10

Email to your customer service manager to update the latest software.
Please provide your device model, Sn-number and current software version code .

If you cannot find or forget your manager’s contact or even purchased from a distributor.
Please leave us a message in our website dialog box or email us.
In addition to the device model,SN number and current software version code.
we also need your explain which way you purchased from.Also your email we’ll send the software to.
After verifying your information, we will update the software to you ASAP.

V2.10 – 20220307

1.The “Edit” interface can not change the stack number;

2.Modify the BUG that occurs when loading and saving ic parameters of qhd file;

3.New algorithm :Model Matching

4.Modify the Russian language pack.

V2.09 – 20220221

1.Modify the bug about wrong translation of the English version of the system interface;

2.Add the production message and placement report;

V2.09 2.1 QM61 Software Update Log

3.Optimize the button enable change on the main interface;

4.Modify the bug of 1.5 times the down-view recognition;

5.Modify the bug that the stack parameter “name” is not initialized;

6.Remove the pressure detection function;

7.Added Russian language pack.

V2.09 7.1 QM61 Software Update Log

V2.08 – 20211210

1. The origin flag is reset after power on again;

2. Modify the BUG that occurs when clearing the stack number;

3. Start auto place,the placement head moves to the mark first;

4. Optimize the outflow section of the flow line;

5. Modify the BUG that occurs when testing the camera vision the param “threshold” is error in the editing component interface;

6. Add the language and account functions.

V2.07 – 20210617

1. Increase the drop height inspection of the nozzle when the vision is passed;

2. It can not be moved when Z-Axis is lost;

3.Modify the bug that the component with high vision can not take part in auto sort.

V2.06 – 20210609

1. Optimize the “Auto Sort” interface, add the parameter “Priority” to participate in sorting;

V2.06  1.1 QM61 Software Update Log
V2.06  1.2 QM61 Software Update Log

2. Modify the BUG that the nozzle up and down movement speed fails to save;

V2.06  2.1 QM61 Software Update Log

3. Modify the BUG that failed to add new component into component data base;

4. Optimized and improve the component recognition function;

V2.06  4.1 QM61 Software Update Log

5. The parameter “Feeder Delay” takes effect in vibrate feeder.

V2.04 – 20210401

1.Modify the BUG that the param “Threshold” of camera in the system param causes the identification interference;

2.Modify the BUG about the wrong opening order of back feeder.

V2.03 – 20210121

1、Modify the BUG about the placement logic error after High-Vision;

2、Modify the BUG about the place delay error;

3、Modify the BUG about exceeding the array when sorting;

4、Modify the BUG that the database cannot add components.

V2.02 – 20210111

1、Modify the BUG about the nozzle matching when components are automatically sorted.

V2.01 – 20210107

1、Increase the database of components;

2、Optimize the sorting function of component placement;

3、The mounting files saved in the V1 version of the software are not compatible with the V2 version of the software.

V1.10 – 20201130

1.Optimize Z-axis acceleration.

2.Modify the BUG with SN number.

3.Reduce the speed when recognizing the component size.

V1.09 – 20201105

1.Modify the sensor signal detection scheme.

2.The speed of the flow line affects the all section track.

3.When the operation is suspended, the pcb on the flow line is in place and then stops.

V1.08 – 20201015

1.Modify the BUG whenthe feeder number is null.

V1.07 – 20200824

1.Add the speed parameter of the flow line, adjusted in 5 levels.

V1.07  1.1 QM61 Software Update Log

V1.06 – 20200818

1.Optimization of flow line (the long pcb board cannot flow in after it is stored, and the logic of the Front Ready Signal is wrong).

V1.05 – 20200523

1.It is compatible with Automatic Board Loading Machine.

V1.04 – 20200428

1. Optimize Mark point recognition;

2. Optimize the speed of the conveyor;

3. Modify the interface:Add the amount of PCB board;

V1.04  3.1 QM61 Software Update Log
V1.04  3.2 QM61 Software Update Log

4. Add the parameters: X negative soft limit and Y positive soft limit; after software upgrade, manual modification is required, could set the origin coordinates X and Y.

V1.04  4.1 QM61 Software Update Log

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