Support QM61 Flight Camera Vision Software Update Log

QM61 smt pick and place machine Flight camera Vision Software Update Log

Original factory model: QM61(1pc flight camera vision )

Previous version V3.02 – V3.15
Current Updatable Version V3.16

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V3.16 – 220524

1.   Modify the BUG of memory release error caused by visual algorithm switching。

2. After visual recognition, the angle correction range is modified to -180~180.

3. After the material is discarded, the angles of the attached components are reset to zero.

V3.15 – 220512

1.Software flashback caused by releasing memory during edge recognition algorithm.

2.When entering the automatic sorting, an error occurred in the assignment of the component package.

V3.14 – 220512

1.   Increase the search function.

2.   When the size detection is abnormal, it will stop at the scrap position and alarm.

3.   When the feeder is automatically allocated, the feeder position is not enough, so after the alarm, the allocated feeder position will not be canceled.

4.   When automatically assigning feeder, the abnormal alarm that the feeder position is not enough.

5.   Can’t switch from quick mode to HD mode when auto-sorting.

6.   The BUG that the automatic sorting fails to enter an infinite loop, and jumps out of the loop when the number of times reaches the number of components.

7.   Model algorithm updated to version 4.2, freeing image memory.

V3.13 – 220423

1. When automatic sorting, when no high-definition component participates in sorting, it will enter an infinite loop.

V3.12 – 220421

1.An error occurred while saving the data to the database.

2.The model algorithm is updated to version 4.1.

3.A bug that causes the software to crash when it enters an infinite loop when it is prioritized by automatic sorting.

4.Compatible with csv file formats.

V3.11 – 220418

1.Automatic detection in the component database when the flight direction is not specified when in fly mode.

2. Automatic detection in the component database is automatically turned off when exiting.

3.Compatible with csv file formats: sym_x  sym_y…..

V3.10 – 220331

1.Power on and start the software, the first time the software is opened, the character of log is empty and an error is reported.

2.Added the function of automatically reading model images.

V3.09 – 220308

1.File cannot be loaded after saving:wrong space symbol.

2.When loading the file, the component name is capitalized and the extra space bar in the string is removed.

3.Camera stuck when testing in component information.

4.The closing and opening of the relevant timer when the test button is changed in the component information editing.

5.In the component editing interface the stack selection function is canceled.

6.In fly mode, only the screen results of participating component identification will be displayed.

7.Format error for speed parameter in automatic measurement.

8.The camera failed to initialize when opening the software for the first time after the machine was powered off.

9.Reassign component parameters according to database information when entering automatic sorting.

10.When entering the Feida setting interface in automatic sorting, clear the stack information, and check whether the stack number and stack name are consistent.

11.When the feeder is automatically sorted, first clear the feeder options and list display on the interface.

12.After leaving the feeder setting interface, it prompts that the line number of feeder has not been set, and the line number column is added to the feeder interface.

13.Optimize automatic sorting to avoid infinite loops.

V3.08 – 211225

1. Add Russian language pack.

2. The data format is compatible with Russian symbols.

3. Increase the model matching algorithm.

V3.07 – 211204

1. Optimize the coordinates of the discarded components and capture the position of the nozzle as the reference position.

2. Optimize Z-axis speed and acceleration.

V3.06 – 211122

1.Optimizing the interface of flying camera’s offset of system param.

2.Add placement message bar and placement report.

3.Optimize the button enable change of the main interface.

4.Modify the BUG that the down-view recognition is enlarged by 1.5 times.

5.Modify the BUG that the stack parameter “name” is not initialized.

6.Cancel the pressure detection for material shortage, and is compatible with the material shortage detection parameters of the original database.

7.Add the function of quickly generating feeder coordinates.

8.Added the function of prompting whether to save the file when closing the software.

V3.05 – 211012

1. When the visual mode is HD, add a delay function before passing the visual.

2. Modify the Z-axis travel to -15~15 mm.

3. Added Z-axis offset calibration function.

V3.03 – 210810

1. The origin flag needs to be reset after power-on again.

2. The bug that failed to clear the stack number.

3. When the placement starts, the placement head first moves to the mark point.

4. Add the function of returning to the origin of the Z axis alone in the back-to-origin function.

5. Optimize the logic of the outflow section of the flow line.

6. Modify the pre-stage signal and the post-stage signal.

7. Added language switching and account switching functions.

8. Speed is divided into “-s” and “-l” versions.

V3.02 – 210629

1.Hidden stack speed in system settings.

2.The visual interface shows that W/H is changed to L/W.

3.The identification threshold parameter of the component database is changed back to the percentage form.

4.An error occurred in the reading of the threshold parameters identified by the component.

5.The bug that the suction speed is read incorrectly in the “Display” of the component database.

6.Increase speed (overall speed and segment speed) change in device identification.

7.Cancel the angular velocity of  component recognition.

8.Automatic sorting

(1).Interface optimization, correct the translation of the English interface;

(2).The left feeder sequence in the front row is sorted from the right;

(3).Increase the placement priority parameter, and save the parameter to the  component database;

(4).The automatic configuration of the nozzle does not consider those that are not set or the nozzle type is NZ;

(5).The use of nozzles in feeder distribution can be checked;

(6).When saving to the database, quotation marks are not required for SQL statements whose data type is string;

(7).After the automatic sorting is completed, update the interface of the database device matching;

(8).During automatic sorting, materials with HD vision cannot participate.

9.Modify the speed gear.

10.Vibrate feeder adds feeder delay function.

11.Down sight increases double vision.

12.Increase the inspection of the drop height of the suction nozzle when passing the vision, which should not be greater than 0.

13.You cannot locate and move when you lose a step, and the manual direction button can move .

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