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How to maintain the automatic placement machine part(1)

What Qihe Technology will share with you today is how to maintain and maintain the automatic placement machine like QM61,QM81,QM10 series. I hope that the following introduction can help you, so today author from qihe smt pick and place machine take a look at it together with you.

The automatic placement machine is actually a device used to complete the high-speed and high-precision automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and most precise device in the entire SMT production. Therefore, the knowledge of the maintenance and maintenance of the automatic placement machine is something we must master, otherwise it will be very easy to reduce the service life of the automatic placement machine and cause the efficiency of the smt production line to become lower.

qihe Smt pick and place machine How to maintain pnp machine part1

First of all, the fouling on the circuit board and the automatic placement machine must be cleaned and disassembled in time. In order to avoid the poor heat dissipation effect inside the machine due to dust and fouling, it will also cause the electrical parts to overheat and burn out;

Secondly, the second point is to disassemble and clean the air circuit, solenoid valve, vacuum generating device and cylinder of the automatic placement machine; if the grease in the air circuit cannot be cleaned in time, it will block the air circuit and cause the air circuit It is not smooth, and it will also cause high material throwing; in severe cases, the oil stains accumulated in the gas path will also corrode the internal sealing rings and components such as the solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, cylinder, etc., resulting in damage to the components, serious Affect the normal use of the equipment;

The third point is to clean and lubricate the moving parts of the automatic placement machine. If the machine runs for a long time, if the environmental control is not ideal, there will be a lot of dust on the moving parts (for example, the screw, slider, transmission belt, guide rail and motor coupling, etc.) If the moving parts of the machine cannot be maintained in time If there is cleaning, then the machine will run under load for a long time, which will definitely affect the service life of the machine.

How to maintain and maintain the automatic placement machine is all the content introduced by Yueqing Qihe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. today. If you want to know more, please continue to watch it in the next issue.


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