Customer Sharing #QM81 fully-automatic SMT line applied to Smart wearable device prototyping PCBs and mass production part1

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Smart wearable device R&D proofing and mass production

Device combination configuration
Pcb loader QUL350→fully-automatic stencil printer QFA5060→ SMT 1m Conveyor→#fully-automatic PNP machine QM81→#conveyor→#reflow oven 12 heating zoneQRF1230→ PCB unloader QDL350

QM81 fully-automatic SMT line applied to prototyping PCBs and LED lamps
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The QM81 SMT pick and place machine (Chip mounter)has been upgraded from the QM61 series and incorporated customer feedback.
Not only increased more mounting heads but also more feeder slots .
QM81 pnp machine even improved the hardware like flying shot recognition camera,the DSP digital driver,the ball grinding screw,the master computer .
Upgraded the software functional such as the component library ,the visual surveillance,the safety alerts,the fault previously warning .
QM81 pick&place machine can easily handling special-shaped components, BGA, 0201 inch package.
X Y axis adopts bigger Panasonic servo motor, speed of up to 16000 components per hour (CPH),
without sacrificing the CPH rate with high troque to achieve never lost step accuracy < 0.001mm.

QFA5060 fully automatic vision solder paste printer stencil printer machine screen printer machine
The whole machine is fully controlled by servo system.Automatic pressure feedback system.Multifunctional image processing system.Precise PCB transportation system.Intelligent PCB holding device.User-friendly operation interface.

PCB handling machine is commonly called board handling machine or pcb storage machine.A printed circuit board requires gentle handling and optimal storage conditions. This, in turn, promotes higher PCB quality, expands product lifecycle, and maximizes proper functionality as well as performance.
Basically these machines control the flow of “Printed Circuit Boards” (PCB) in an automatic assembly line. Such a line normally consists out of the following machines:pcb uploader, conveyor,pcb unloader.

The QRF1230 infrared benchtop reflow oven is bigger size than QRF830 model SMT Reflow Oven solder welding .Which uses the PID temperature control system and rapid infrared heating technology controlling, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed. The whole soldering process can be completed automatically and it is very easy to use. It is suitable for the board has chips and output is larger or the welding quality requirements are better.Designed with Multi-temperature curve choose.Four zones special temperature control mode more stable and precise.High quality thermocouple porcelain bead protect.Full-color HMI human-computer interface(touch screen).Super anti-temperature fan.Liner hearth use industrial grade anti high temperature and corrosion panel paint.PID microcomputer global temperature control system. High efficiency and energy saving finned heating tube.High temperature fan.Built in analog governor.