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What is the Price of the SMT processing? How to Calculate the Cost?

The position of SMT chip processing in the electronic processing industry is irreplaceable, but for many companies and R&D groups that need electronic author from qihe smt pick and place machine tell you about it with you How to Calculate the Cost.

the specific SMT processing price is still very unfamiliar, and how does this price quote come from? Yes, this will confuse many friends who are not familiar with PCBA chip processing.

After all, the process of SMT processing and production is relatively complex, and the way of formic acid quoted will be affected by various factors.

Today the following professional SMT patch processing factory engineer will share with you the calculation method of this price among local market.
Some companies count a pad as a point, but have two soldered points as a point. Taking the pad calculation as an example, it is to calculate the number of pads on the PCBA board, but some special components, such as inductors, large capacitors, integrated circuits, etc., need to calculate the rated power.

Unit price of solder joints:

At present, the unit price of solder joints in the market is different, ranging from 0.008 to 0.03 yuan per solder joint, which depends on the following conditions:

Smt pick and place machine & How to Calculate the SMT Cost?

First: craftsmanship

Leaded process is relatively cheap;

Lead-free process is relatively high;

The processing of red glue SMT patch is relatively simple;

The double process of solder paste and red glue is relatively troublesome.

Smt pick and place machine & How to Calculate the SMT Cost?

Second, the quantity

The number of common SMT patch proofing processing is small, only a few to dozens of pieces, which will charge the processing fee according to the minimum consumption, and will not be calculated according to the number of points;

Small batches of SMT chip processing to produce less than 1000 pieces will be calculated according to the combination of engineering cost and points;

Mass SMT patch processing is calculated by multiplying the number of counts by the unit price.

Smt pick and place machine & How to Calculate the SMT Cost?

Third, the difficulty level

According to single-sided classification, single-sided is cheaper, double-sided is slightly more expensive;

According to the precision, the more precise SMT chip processing, such as BGA, will be slightly more expensive;

According to the density of the patch components.

Smt pick and place machine & How to Calculate the SMT Cost?

Fourth, proofing

SMT SMT processing order One within 100 pieces is an SMT SMT proofing order. The difficulty of the board, the time to do the program, and the time to switch to the machine are different, and the engineering fee ranging from 800 yuan to 3000 yuan will be charged.

Smt pick and place machine & How to Calculate the SMT Cost?

Fifth, steel mesh

According to the size of the PCB board, open different types of stencils. According to the precision of the chip on the PCBA board, choose the electric polishing stencil or the ordinary stencil. The cost of stencils for different types of stencils is about 120~350. Of course, customers can also provide stencils themselves.

Other cost test stands, steel mesh and other unilaterally agreed costs are calculated separately.

QM81 smt pick and place machine customer sharing

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