QH3040 high-precision manual stencil printer


QH3040 high-precision manual stencil printer The same platform as printer can be selectable , easy to locate both single and double sides of PCB board.High flexibility ensure high printing precision.
The steel stencil can be rotated 30 degrees at most , and the precision can be kept all the way when repeat works, can be comparable with automatic machine.
Using the way of steel stencil movement to adjust the best position, combining with the fine adjustment of X-axis Y-axis to correct, convenient and efficient.

Platform Size300*400mm
PCB support Size250*400mm
Template Size270*470mm
Printing SpeedManual control
PCB Thickness0-80mm
PCB Tuning Range±10mm
Platform Height220mm
Repeat Ability±0.01mm
Positioning ModeShape or benchmark hole
Net Weight23kg