QP5060 automatic solder paste printer stencil printer machine screen printer machine


QP5060 automatic solder paste printer (fully automatic vision solder paste printer) stencil printer machine screen printer machine The whole machine is fully controlled by servo system.Automatic pressure feedback system.Multifunctional image processing system.Precise PCB transportation system.Intelligent PCB holding device.User-friendly operation interface.

Using advanced image visual recognition system, independent control and adjusted lighting, high-speed moving lens, accurate PCB and template alignment, ensure that the printing accuracy of ± 0.025mm.

High precision step servo motor drive and PC control to ensure printing accuracy and stability, accurate image recognition technology has ± 0.01mm repeated positioning accuracy.

Suspension printing head, specially designed with high precision step motor direct drive scraper lift, pressure, speed and stroke are accurately controlled by PC motion control card, make the printing quality more uniform and stable; scraper beam after specially optimized structure design, light and beautiful appearance.

You can choose manual / automatic bottom cleaning function, automatic, no auxiliary bottom cleaning function, programmable control dry, wet cleaning, cleaning interval can be freely selected, can completely remove the residual tin paste in the mesh, to ensure the printing quality.

The combined workbench can set the thimble according to the size of the PCB substrate,making the clip more fast and easy. Multifunctional plate processing device can automatically locate and clamp PCB platesof various sizes and thickness, with movable magnetic thimble, effectively overcome thedeformation of the plate and ensure uniform printing process.

Automatic solder paste printer With “Windows XP / Windows 7 window” operation interface and rich software functions, with a good man-machine dialogue environment, simple operation, easy, easy to learn, easy to use.

X5 automatic solder paste printer has the function of fault self-diagnosis sound, optical alarm and prompt fault cause.Whether the single / double-sided PCB substrate can be operated.

Complete machine parameters

Repeat Positioning AccuracyRepeat positioning accuracy±10 um  at 6 Sigma
Printing AccuracyPrinting accuracy±25um  at 6 Sigma
Cycle Timeperiodic time<7s (excluding printing, cleaning time)  
Product ChangeoverChange time<5Min
Air RequiredUse the air4.5~6Kgf/cm2
Power InputsourceAC 220V± 10% 50 / 60 HZ single-phase
Control Methodcontrolling meansPC Control
Machine DimensionsEquipment size1160(L)×1380(W)×1485(H)mm
WeightweightAbout 800kg
Maximum Powermaximum power3KW
HumidityhumidityRelative humidity of 30% -70%
Acoustic Noise Levelnoise levelLess than 70dB

Printing parameters

Frame SizeThe minimum size of the mesh frame470×370mm
Maximum size of mesh frame737×737 mm
PCB SizePCB lower limit50×50 mm
PCB maximum dimensions510×330 mm
PCB ThicknessPCB plate thickness0.4~5 mm
PCB Distor ti onPCB plate distortion degree1% (diagonal measurement)
Support SystemSupport modeMagnetic thimble, manually adjustable jacking platform
Clamp SystemThe clamping wayUnique flexible side clamp
Table Adjustment RangesWorkbench adjustment scope  X:±7.5mm;  Y:±7.5mm;  θ :±2°
Conveyor SpeedGuide rail transmission speedMax 1500mm / S Programmable
Conveyor HeightGuide rail transmission height900±40mm
Conveyor DirectionTransfer directionLeft-right, right-left, left-left, right-right
Squeegee PressureScrapper pressure0~10Kgf/cm2
Printing Speedprint speed1~200mm/sec
Squeegee AngleScrapper Angle60° (standard), 55°, 45°
Squeegee TypeScrapper typeSteel scraper, rubber scraper
Cleaning SystemCleaning methodDry cleaning, wet wash, (programmable)

Optical system (Fiducially mark optical alignment mark)

Fiducial Mark DetectionMarker point detectionA single CCD camera was identified through the mesh board and the two marking points on the substrate
Alignment ModeAdjust the way  The position of PCB and the mesh board is detected by camera, and the alignment can realize the alignment of the mesh board and the substrate
Fiducial Mark ShapeMark point shapeAny shape
Fiducial Mark SizeTagged point sizeIt can be made into various shapes of holes with a diameter or a side length of 1mm~2.5mm, allowing for a deviation of 10%
Fiducial Mark TypeTagged point type  Empty type: thin copper material around Semi-permeable air type: in the middle of the transparent or translucent coating materials can be used in nickel, bronze, etc
Fiducial Mark Requ irement Mark point requirementsThe coating surface of the marking points shall be flat and smooth.
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