QM62 SMT pick and place machine 6heads 50slots compact type Pick&place machine SMT Assembly automatic chip mounter

QM62 contains 6 heads,50 slots . compact type width 884mm can pass through a smaller door, suitable for offices,laboratories,houses.


QM62 SMT pick and place machine is designed for mass production or R&D proofing purpose. It contains 6 heads,50 slots .

Compared with the QM61 model, it is compact type characterized by a smaller size .Bare machine width 884mm can pass through a smaller door, suitable for offices or laboratories or even houses
The hardware including flying shot recognition camera,the Hiwin linear rail,the TBI grinding screw,the master computer ,triple stage transmission rail system.
Upgraded the software functional such as the component library ,the visual surveillance,the safety alerts,the fault previously warning .
QM62 pick&place machine can easily handling special-shaped components, BGA, 0201 inch package.
QM62 chip mounter X Y axis adopts Panasonic servo motor, speed up to 15000 components per hour (CPH),

Max applicable PCB size350*350mm
Max xy moving range730*400mm
Max z moving range32mm
Placement head quantity6
Max mounting capabilityVision on: 11000pcs/h
Vision off: 15000pcs/h
Feeder slots capability50 slots (YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Applicable component  Smallest size:0201 inch
Largest size:30*30mm,
pin center spacing≥0.5mm
Max mounting Height15mm
Visual camera Flight  HD CCD camera
Power supply220V
Net Weight630kg
Gross Weight690kg
Machine Dimension885*1320*1350mm
Packing size2.07CBM