Q6 SMT pick and place machine 6heads 50slots With PCB Rail Servo Pick&Place Machine

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Qihe Q6 smt pick and place machine adopts a new design 6 Pick & Place working nozzles with fully automatic railguide.Q6 pnp machine top speed up to 17000 components per hour (CPH)
Newly upgraded the hardware like the highspeed global shutter flight camera,the servo driver and motor,the TBI screw rod,and the automatic transfer rail .The substrate iron plate inside the machine upgrade into thickened marble material not only increase stability but also improve the accuracy of the working head during high-speed movement .

Q6 pick and place it’s customizable which can support LED strips reach 1.2meters .

Observation windows are added on both left and right sides of the machine, allowing the operator to observe the operation of the equipment from multiple angles and facilitating subsequent maintenance.

The newly designed keyboard integrated stand tray is more ergonomically designed and can be adjusted at multiple angles according to the smt operator’s habits, replacing the traditional fixed stand.
Upgraded the software functional such as the component library,the visual surveillance,the safety alerts,the fault previously warning .
Can handling Anti-lumen,Lens, and components like LQFP,QFN,QFP,BGA spacing≥0.3mm, 0201 inch package.
Q6 pick and place machine X Y axis adopts Panasonic servo motor, top speed up to 17000 components per hour (CPH).

Max applicable PCB20*50mm~350x600mm(1.2m customizable)
XY moving range500*700mm
Z moving range32mm
Placement head quantity6
Optimal speed17000cp(0.21s/chips)
Installation speed(vision)10000cph(0.38s/chips)~15000(0.24s/chips)
Placement accuracy±40 μm/Chip
Max placement height15mm
component angle0~360 ° arbitrary angle,synchronized rotation in motion,
Applicable componentsResistor:0201~5730 inch,Diode,Triode
IC Chip:LQFP,QFN,QFP,BGA spacing≥0.3mm
LED: 0402~5070 inch,Anti-lumen,Lens
Max IC size33mm*33mm
Components package typeStrip: width:4,8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm
Materials specification:Max 64(4/8mm strip,roll)
Tube: Materials specification:Max 24(3 tube vibration feeder)
Tray: Max96(IC tray)
Movement Control SystemXY axis : servo motor, Panasonic brand
Z axis : Step motor
Track : Step motor
XY transfer modeHigh precision screw ball ,TBI brand
XY axis drive guide railHigh precision linear track,HIWIN brand
XY operation modeIntelligent curve acceleration and deceleration linear linkage
with linear interpolation algorthm
Z axis drive guide railHigh precision linear track,Airtac brand
Feeders loading ability50 slots (front 25 rear 25) based on 8mm width reel tape
Support Feeder typeElectrical/pneumatic 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm,
3/5 tube channel vibration feeder
(YAMAHA type Feeder is available)
Machine dimensionL850xW1320xH1450mm
Visual camera1 HCD PCB inspection camera ,
1 highspeed global shutter flight camera
Visual camera(down)Automatic identify the mark point
Visual camera(up)Automatic adjust the offset
PCB transfer directionLeft→Right one stage
Track adjustmentSoftware operation, automatic electric adjustment
Driver systemSDP Panasonic high driver
Control systemQIHE Q6 automatic pick and place operation system
Operation systemWin10,win 7
Inspection systemVisual inspection (Material shortage detection)
Support file format Format csv,txt . the coordinate files exported from PCB design software:(Protel,DXP,Altium Designer,Pads,Candes,Proteus,)
Air supplyExternal air pump,min 0.5MPa,200L/min(A.N.R.)
Power supplyAC220V/110V , 50/60Hz
Average working PowerApprox 1.2KW
Gross weight880KG
Packing size2.8CBM
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