QP1068S Semi Automatic Stencil Printing 1.2meters

1-25meter-semi-automatic-stencil-printing QP32125


QP1068S high precise sem-automatically solder tin printing machine designed for 1.2 meters LED strip with high-quality speed control motor and linear guide rail and other precision accessories assembled, so that the scraper head printing smoother. Double-scrapers printing pressure can be adjusted by the up/down cylinder throttle valve, the lifting speed can adjust effectively avoid resonance.The printing head can be turned up 45o and fixed lock, convenient scraper loading and unloading and steel mesh cleaning, easy to operate.
The printing head can be fixed after many directions, fixed convenient steel mesh in place, effectively ensuring the printing effect.The altitude of double-scraper of the printing head can be adjusted by adjusting the nut freely, so that the force between the scraper and the steel mesh can be controlled.The level of spacing between the printing table plate and the steel mesh, the adjustment of the scale of the precision spinner, and the scale number display.
The robot arm moving range can be freely adjusted by the proximity switch, suitable for the requirements of different specifications of steel mesh.
The printing table plate has high density snail bee hole with the use of thimble and positioning needle, free positioning, simple operation, quick replacement, and suitable for single-sided substrate and double-sided substrate production work.Electrical components using a microcomputer PLC combined with touch screen control, free choice of single or multiple printing and manual, semi-automatic and other modes.

printing table acreage320*1250mm
frame size370*470mm, 420*520mm, 550*650mm, 550*1550mm
substrate size300*1230mm
substrate thickness0.2-5.0mm
fixation of printing positionpcb outer or pin positioning
micro adjust of table boardfront/back±10mm, F/L±10mm
printing precise±0.02mm
machine repeated accuracy±0.05mm
minimum spacing0.35mm
using power supply220v 50/60Hz 100w
machine size1680*700*1650mm
outline packaging size2200*850*2120mm
net weight280kg
gross weight350kg