Support #TVM802 Series Software Firmware Update Log

TVM802 Series Software Firmware Update log

Original factory model: TVM802A,TVM802B,TVM802AX,TVM802BX,
Distributor possible model:TVM802C,TVM802D,TVM802AS,TVM802BS,

Previous version V3.01 – V3.33
Current Updatable Version V3.35


Email to your customer service manager to update the latest software.
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Please leave us a message in our website dialog box or email us.
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The earliest V1.XX or V2.XX series cannot use the V3.XX version software .
The V2.XX series latest updatable version is V2.39 .

V3.35—– 2022/5/26

1.       The component table adds the search function;

2.Modify the bug that the software crashes when the coordinates of the stack s are displayed as empty in the Quick Debug.


V3.33—– 2022/4/15

1.Modify the bug that save fails when setting the camera orientation in the Quick Debug.

V3.32—– 2022/1/31

1.       Modify the BUG when the stack is set None, the file loading error occurs.

V3.31—– 2021/10/9

1.Added the software language switching function.

2. Added the software account management function.

V3.30—– 2021/7/21

1.       Modify the BUG when passing vision the order of nozzles is wrong.

V3.29—– 2021/3/26

1、Modify the BUG about the calculation order of the PcbArray’s coordinate.

V3.28—– 2021/3/25

1、Optimize the “Auto Go Home” function, cancel this function switch, and increase the parameter “Auto Go Home Interval”.


V3.27—– 2020/12/1

1、Compatible with TXT coordinate file exported by Sprint Layout 6.0 software.

2、Modified the BUG when set position of IC Array.

V3.26—– 2020/10/12

1、Added a switch for “alarm buzzer sound for place done”。

802-V3.26Software Update Log(1)

V3.25—– 2020/8/17

1、Modify the limit of Z-Axis down height;

2、The alarm buzzer when the head is completed is turned off at the next start;

3、The alarm buzzer when the head is completed is automatically turned off after a period of time;

4、Compatibility of related parameters in different versions when reading system data files。

V3.24 —– 2020/7/18

1、Optimize camera coordinate parameters。

802-V3.24 Software Update Log(1)

V3.23 —– 2020/4/22

1、Modify the BUG about “an error occurred when setting the  coordinate parameter to IC stack”;

2、Modify the BUG about “ the descending height of Z1 and Z2 Axis are inconsistent”;

3、Add the maximum allowable range of position offset value during vision measurement;

4、Optimize the speed of the reel.

V3.22 —— 2019/11/26

1、Modify the function that the coordinate of IC Stack in the SysConfig can be set and moved with down vision.

V3.20 —— 2019/8/26

1、Optimize the data transfer protocol.

V3.19 —— 2019/5/23

1、Add the interface display. When selecting the stack in the component list, the corresponding component name is displayed after the serial number of the stack. This name corresponds to the edited component name in “System Config – Stack – Comp”.

802-V3.19 Software Update Log(1)
802-V3.19 Software Update Log(2)

2、Add a new button. In the “System Config – Stack – Comp” ,add the “one-key reset” function, the data of the component will be restored to the system default settings;

802-V3.xx Software Update Log(2.1)

3、Optimize the interface display. Optimize the alarm display when the Z axis and the needle are not properly raised, and add a button to eliminate the alarm and lift the needle and Z axis;

802-V3.19 Software Update Log(3.1)

4、Modify the BUG about“the software will automatically generate ‘’ file in the directory where the software is located when the software is opened in the broken line state”;

5、Optimize the placement sequence of the components after using the the function ‘Missing Check’.

V3.18 —— 2019/3/20

1、Modify the BUG about “When the English version software loads the CSV file,the parameter‘Check’ can’t be loaded correctly ”;

2、Modify the range of parameter “PrickCorrect”to (-4 ~ 4mm).

802-V3.18 Software Update Log(1)

V3.17 —— 2019/3/5

1、Modify the BUG about “software error occurred while saving CSV file”.

V3.16 —— 2019/1/5

1、Modify the BUG about “when both nozzle select the type ‘Vision’ of ‘Missing Check’ and select the type ‘Accurate’ of ‘Vision’ at the same time,the No.2 nozzle will throw component abnormally ”.

V3.15 —— 2018/12/25

2、Modify the BUG about “the mounting head works incorrectly when discarding the components and re-feeding at the IC Stack”;

3、Modify the BUG about “the ‘Check’ column of the components list can not be displayed after loading the CSV file”.

V3.14 —— 2018/11/21

1、Add a new function about Missing Check:use vision to check the size of component;

802-V3.14 Software Update Log(1)

2、Modify the interface of Stack in the “Sys Config”;Add the new parameters about components:“Name”、“Size(Width/Height)”、“Max Error(Default is 10%)” .

Note: The data of Stack will be saved to the file which is named as “Param.dat” in the “.EXE” file directory,and the data in the Comp interface will also be saved to the CSV file.

802-V3.14 Software Update Log(2.1)
802-V3.14 Software Update Log(2.3)
802-V3.14 Software Update Log(2.4)
802-V3.14 Software Update Log(2.2)

V3.13 —— 2018/10/23

1、Modify the BUG about “When change the CSV file which contains the PCB Array settings, it cause a software error;”

2、Modify the BUG about “the function of shaking the prick needle is disabled.”

V3.12 —— 2018/10/11

1、The down height range of Z Axis is adjusted to “-12.5 ~ 0”;

2、Modify the BUG about “After the components pass through the vision,then the components is discarded and picked again.When the vision recognition is performed again,the correction effect of vision is superimposed.”;

3、 Add the parameter “Pick Angle” into “System Config – Left Stack / Back Stack / IC Stack”,each Stack has its own Pick Angle.

Left Stack: The default value is 90,save the data to the Param.dat in the .EXE file directory;


Back Stack: The default value is 0,save the data to the Param.dat in the .EXE file directory;

V3.12  2.1

IC Stack: The default value is 0,save the data to the CSV file.

V3.12  3.1

4、 Add the parameter “Scale of Pressure Sensor” into “System Config – Vacuum”;

802-V3.12 Software Update Log(4.1)

5、 Add the parameter “Enable Single Comp X/Y Speed” into “System Config – Other”;

802-V3.12  Software Update Log(5.1)

This parameter is checked. The “speed” in the component parameter table will be applied globally (including the X/Y/Z axis, etc.), otherwise it will only affect the speed of the Z axis;

802-V3.12  Software Update Log(5.2)

6、Modify the BUG about“When adjust the Prick Offset,the detection is not added after the error occurs”;

7、Modify the BUG about “The parameter ‘Template Size’ in the PCB Config does not match the actual value”;

8、Modify the BUG about “When click the button ‘Reset’ in the PCB Config,some parameters can not be reset correctly”;

9、Optimize the adjustment scheme of Nozzle Offset which is between nozzle and the center of the down vision,add a new interface that is more intuitive;

802-V3.12  Software Update Log(9.1)


(1) Select any reference point, move the down camera to amid the reference point and set the current coordinates;

(2) Moving the nozzle 1 and the nozzle 2 respectively to amid the reference point and set the current coordinates;

(3) The value displayed by the detection result is the offset value of the nozzle to the center of the down camera.

802-V3.12 Software Update Log(9.3)

10、Optimize the interactivity about the function of PCB Array.

V3.11 —— 2018/7/20

1、Modify the BUG about “Place Selected Components”;

2、Optimize the Speed,reduce the speed with every component which in the Components Table is only effective when the Z axis drops the components;

3、Compatible with the coordinate file of TXT format;

4、When the coordinate file is imported, the space characters before/after the content of the “Comment” item in the list are automatically deleted;

5、Add the parameter “Comp Angle Offset” into “System Config – Other”;

802-V3.11 Software Update Log(1)

V3.10 —— 2018/6/20

1、Modify the BUG about “Aimed With Camera”;

2、Add the function that the Z Axis could return to the origin home,and check all the time if the Z Axis is at the origin home.

V3.09 —— 2018/04/24

1、Modify the BUG about “Image Template”:the vision can’t switch when the down vision identification is in mistake, and the vision can’t identify before get the pictures of Image Template.

2、Add the parameter “Range” into “Image Template”;

3、Modify the BUG when use the function “PCB Edit – Array – Auto”,can’t restart.

V3.08 —— 2018/04/04

1、Modify the BUG that the data “Angle” which is in the list “Sub Pcb Reference Point Pos” didn’t have any effect;

802-V3.08  Software Update Log(1)

2、Add one new algorithm for the recognition function of mark point :“Image Template”.And optimize the interface.


V3.07 —— 2018/03/20

1、Optimize the Speed of Z Axis;

2、Modify the BUG when use “MakeRule”,the coordinate will be messy code.

V3.06 —— 2017/11/28

1、Optimize the parameter “Component Threshold” which is used in the Vision of the Components, each of The Stack(Left/Back/IC) has its own Component Threshold.The parameter data of the Left/Back Stack is saved to the main board, and the parameter data of the IC Stack is saved to the CSV file.

802-V3.06V3.xx Software Update Log(1)
802-V3.06 Software Update Log(1。2)

2、Optimize the interface:

(1)Move the interface of “Run”“Manual”“Auto”;

The old:

802-V3.06Software Update Log(2.1)

The new:

802-V3.06 Software Update Log(2.2)

(2)Add a quick menu of “PcbArray”;

802-V3.06 Software Update Log(2.222)

(3)     Add the button which could switch the Vision;

802-V3.06 Software Update Log(3.1)

(4)Modify the method of change the speed,now use the button to add and subtract the speed.

802-V3.06 Software Update Log(4.1)

3、Optimize the function of “PcbArray”, and the components in the list of each board are independent and can be changed manually.

4、Modify the BUG that the Tip Box of “As The Camera Error !”appears abnormally.

V3.05 ——— 2017/9/28

1、Modify the BUG that can’t use the function “Amied With Camera”of right-click menu.

2、Optimize the Visual display.

V3.04 —— 2017/9/25

1、Modify the function “Select The Same” of  right-click menu, the words of the selected lines are not case sensitive.

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(1.1)
802-V3.04  Software Update Log(1.2)

2、Optimize the leak detection and increase the alarm about no components are picked and put.

3、Add the function that the direction key on the keyboard can operate the machine, and the space key can switch the movement speed (LowSp/HightSp).

4、Optimize the pages of “PCB Config”

(1)Interface Optimization

Three functional zones are divided according to different functions:

 “PCB”:Set the mark points of each circuit board.

“Array”:Make the PCB Array rules.

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(4.1)

“Config”:Identification parameters about mark points,and circuit board’s thickness.

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(4.2)

(2)The Function Of PCB Array Optimization

When the number of circuit boards exceeds 5,this update method is recommended.

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(4.3)

Figure 1

①According to the actual situation, fill in the number of rows and columns,then click “Create” to create pcb array(displaying in the left list(Figure 1)).

②Measuring the space of each Sub PCB.Respectively capture the reference point coordinates of these three Sub PCB such as the 1,2,3 board(displaying in the Figure 2 ).Then click “Next” to calculate the reference point coordinates of each Sub PCB.And the information of the reference point coordinate is displaying in the right list(Figure 1).

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(4.4)

Figure 2

③Click “Auto” ,automatically identify each reference point and correct the coordinates.

(3)Introduction of relevant interactive functions

①The parameters of the PCB Configuration is saved to the CSV File.Please save it in time.

②Click and select the graphic elements in the left list,the corresponding information of the Sub PCB which is selected will be displaying in the right list.The information include the reference point coordinate of each Sub PCB and the coordinate of every component which is on this Sub PCB.

802-V3.04  Software Update Log(5.1)
802-V3.xx Software Update Log(5.2)

③Click the button in the top left of the right list.It will switch the different data.

④About the function of button.

“Skip Over”:Click and select the corresponding Sub PCB in the left list,then click this button to decide whether pick and put this Sub PCB.

“Set XY”:Move the Down Vision Camera to aim at the point ,and then capture the coordinate.

“Aim XY”:According to the selected point coordinate,move and aim at the point.

“Auto”:Automatic recognition the reference points of each Sub PCB.


V3.03 —— 2017/6/29

1、The data of IC Stack can be saved to the csv file.

2、Add the parameter : “Comment”.

It is used to record the information about your IC.

3、Add the function that you can click the button to find the information of the IC Stack according to the number.

802-V3.03 Software Update Log(3.1)

4、Add the function “ Place Selected Components ” into right-click menu.

802-V3.03 Software Update Log(4.1)

5、Add the function “ Strength ” into “ PCB Config — Mark Config”. This function can enhance the recognition strength of Mark Point according to the light source of different environment.

802-V3.03 Software Update Log(5.1)

6、Optimize the adjustment of the parameter “ Nozzle Offset ”. To make it easier to adjust the offset between the nozzle and the down vision camera.


(1)、Let the down vision camera aim at a reference point( it can be any component coordinates);

(2)、Click the button “ Nozzle MoveTo ”;

(3)、Click the “ Nozzle Down ”;

(4)、Move the pick and place head, let the nozzle aim at the selected reference point;

(5)、Click the “ Nozzle Up ”;

(6)、Click the “ Camera MoveTo ”

(7)、The above steps are a cycle.You should replay these steps until get the correct “ Nozzle Offset ”.

802-V3.03 Software Update Log(6.7)

V3.02 —— 2017/6/5

1、Add the Parameter : “Auto Go Home”.

   It’s a switch whether to use this function.

802-V3.02Software Update Log(1)

2、Add the function that directly position the prick needle through a button.

802-V3.02Software Update Log(2)

3、Add the function that there are two ways to get positions.

802-V3.02Software Update Log(3)

4、Add the function “ Aimed with Nozzle ” into right-click menu.

802-V3.02 Software Update Log(4)

5、Optimize the way to adjust the nozzle offset better.

802-V3.02Software Update Log(5)

6、Change the position of the original parameters, respectively move the parameters: that “ Left Prick Offset ” and “ Back Prick Offset ”which are in the “ Other ” page to the “ Left Stack ” and “ Back Stack ” pages .

7、Optimize the data transfer protocol.

802-V3.02Software Update Log(7.1)
802-V3.02Software Update Log(7.2)

V3.01—— 2017/6/5

1、Use the down vision camera’s coordinate point for the reference point to set the any component’s point.

2、Add the “ Vacuum ” page.

Vacuum Threshold Adjustment Description:

(1)When Vacuum Value < Vaccum Threshold1, it’s judged that the component is not sucked, and then re-suck ;

(2)When Vacuum Threshold1 < Vacuum Value < Vacuum Threshold2, it’s judged that suck component is not done well. Discard it and then re-suck;

(3)When Vacuum Value > Vaccum Threshold2, it’s judged that suck component is done well and continue run .

3、Delete the parameters:“Exposure”、“Place Blowing”、“Serial Number”.

4、Add one new algorithm that when place two components together through quick vision,take two pictures first and then deal with the data together.

5、Change the driver of the new camera.

6、Add one new algorithm for the recognition function of mark point :“Template”.And add the parameter : “Template Param”.

7、When open the Vacuum 2 min,the buzzer will alarm and then turn off it.

8、When a file is placed 5 times,the machine will go home automatically.

9、Add a parameter : “Is Use AutoSort”.

   It’s a switch whether to use this function.

10、Add the function that can drag each line in the component information table.

11、The bottom layer adds the new algorithm about “S acceleration”,it can increase the speed overall.

12、Modify the BUG that the “Home X/Y” can not save.