Professional circuit board manufacturers analyze the causes of PCB layer deviation

Professional circuit board manufacturers analyze the causes of PCB layer deviation

With the development of high-level and high-precision PCB boards, the requirements for alignment accuracy between layers are becoming more and more stringent.
The problem of PCB layer deviation is also becoming more and more serious. There are many reasons for the deviation of the PCB board layer in the circuit board factory.
Now share with us some main influencing factors of layer bias phenomenon.

General definition of PCB layer deviation:

Layer deviation refers to the difference in concentricity between the layers of the PCB board that originally required alignment.
The scope of its requirements is controlled according to the design requirements of different PCB board types.
The smaller the distance from the hole to the copper, the stricter the control to ensure its conduction and overcurrent capabilities.

Commonly used methods to detect layer deviation in the production process:

At present, the method commonly used in the industry is to add a set of concentric circles at the four corners of the production board.
Set the distance between the concentric circles according to the requirements of the production plate deviation,
During the production process, check the concentric offset through X-Ray inspection machine or X-drilling target machine,
To confirm its layer deviation.

Professional circuit board manufacturers analyze the causes of PCB layer deviation

Analysis of the causes of PCB layer deviation:

Reasons for inner layer bias

The inner layer is mainly the process of transferring graphics from the film to the inner core board.
Therefore, its layer bias will only occur during the graphics transfer production process,

The main reasons for layer deviation are:
Inconsistent expansion and contraction of the inner film,
Exposure machine alignment offset,
Factors such as improper operation in the process of personnel alignment and exposure.

Reasons for PCB board lamination deviation

The main reasons for the bias of the laminated layer are:
The inconsistent expansion and contraction of the core boards of each layer leads to,
Poor punching positioning hole,
fusion dislocation,
riveting dislocation,
Skateboard and other factors during the pressing process.

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There are mainly three steps in SMT assembly line process flow: solder paste printing, components placement and reflow soldering.

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  3. Reflow Soldering
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