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We do more than 10 years experience in original designing and producing small desktop PnP machine,benchtop PnP machine and vertical type PnP machine. All of them are widely applied for all levels of electronics PCB assembly and LED bulb making.

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Provide SMT production line. The main products are desktop mounter and vertical mounter. Various reflow furnaces, high-precision printing machines and solder paste mixers.

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TVM802 2heads 29~46 slots closed-loop control tabletop smt pick and place machine

QM81 8heads 80slots servo control with rail fully automatic smt pick and place machine

QL41 4heads 8slots for 1.2meters led strip pick&place machine pnp

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Customer sharing #QM61 SMT line and THT clean room design and decoration from Ningbo

This week, Qihe engineers are helping a guest in Ningbo build an SMT workshop.
Semi-auto stencil printer QP3250→ pcb uploader QUL350→SMT conveyor→6heads PNP machine QM61→PCB inspection conveyor→12 zone reflow oven with rail QRF1235→ pcb unloader QDL350.
Not only the line of smt pick and place machine I.n addition, he also purchased a set of THT production lines, including plug-in machines, wave soldering, etc. Since these equipments are provided by our partners and have not yet arrived, I will share with you next time when we get there again.Today let’s talk about some points that need to be paid attention to in the design and decoration of smt clean workshop

2022 Productronica India Exhibition – Qihe India Pvt Ltd & MR technology Attend the show today

Qihe joined in 2022 Productronica India Exhibition.
We will show the popular models PNP machine QM10 fully automatic SMT line ,TVM925 ,TVM802AX and reflow oven machine such as QRF830 ,etc.

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