CT120 PCB cutting machine PCB separator

Automatic Solder Cream Mixer makes solder cream move downward constantly through centrifugal force generated by revolution and cooperation with energy from rotation at 45 degree angle of axis of revolution.


CT120 PCB cutting machine,multicut PCB separator support Board material :Aluminum substrate,cooper substrate,FR1~4,glass fiber board can be cut

Multicut PCB cutting separating machine features:

a.Decrease the stress , invoide the welding pot break.

b.Adjust the up guide slip by manual, which can solve the cut depth different problem.

c. There is the guide for V groove, which can ensure the cutting quality

d.High efficiency , Feed plate speed max=400mm/s. Speed is adjustable.

e.High precision, easy to maintenance, safe enough.

f.Machine is portable,high speed, easy to operate.

g.The up and down blade can be adjusted accurately,Up blade adjust : 0-15mm.

h. PCB components height limit : 15mm, under the PCB board’s components height limit 10mm.
Inside of the PCB max. width is 240mm, another side don’t limit

i.The length of PCB Board can be Unlimited

Multicut PCB separating machine details

1.Coutrolled by microcomputer program, it can cut board accurately with no error.

2.This machine applies unique multi sections cutting, the cutting is to be finished

by 6 pieces round blade.

3.Precise adjustment of up and down blade.Adjustable blade moving speed : 400mm/s. As per customers’ need, certain speed can be set

4.Operation platform can be adjustable higher and lower between 0 and 50mm

  1. Working process is pretty smooth, due multi sections cutting.

6.There won`t be any deviation when cutting along the v-cut slot, even the v-cut slot is shallow.

7.Pre-set the cutting start and end point to well control the cutting length

Machine modelCT120
Board thickness0.5~3mm
Feed plate speed0-400mm / seconds
Blade materialHSS SKH7
Be cut board materialAluminum substrate,cooper substrate,
FR1~4,glass fiber board
Rated power60W
Working voltage220 v AC( 50 hz)
The host size1200*380*240 mm (L*W*H)
Feed/ disk installed
after the overall size
The packing size1250*450*270 mm (L*W*H)
Net weight38kg
Gross weight40kg