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Pcb cleaning skill:solder cleaning&desolering

Whether it is production or replacement of PCB assembly, there will be some solder slag left on the circuit board. Pcb cleaning is necessary to clean up the solder slag so that it will not affect the use of the circuit board.If the main reason for the shrinkage of the circuit board resistors is to […]

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QM10 smt line fully automatic pick and place machine client case qihe smt setup with electric feeder

Recently, Qihe smt engineers received an invitation from a customer to visit the customer’s PCB assembly workshop.where a Qihe QM10 pick and place machine fully automatic production smt line setup.the SMT workshop including ,pcb uploader QUL350→fully-auto stencil printer QFA5060→SMT conveyor→10heads PNP machine QM10→PCB inspection conveyor→12 zone reflow oven with rail QRF1235→ pcb unloader QDL350. After […]

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qm62 part1 mm TVM925S TVM926S QM62 TVM925 A PNP tvm802a tvm802b tvm802ax tvm802bx tvm802c tvm802d tvm802as tvm802b s ql41 qm41 tvm925 tvm926 qm61 qm81 qm10 smt pick and place machine pnp machine smt setup

QM62 smt setup pnp automatic production line case

This week, Qihe tech ‘s engineers helped customer smt setup a QM62 smt pick and place machine production line .Configuration includessemi automatic soldering paste printer QP3250→ smt conveyor →PNP mach

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