Qihe Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012.
Our company is a professional pick and place machine manufacturer with years’ experience.
We focus on Service to the global, In a professional unity integrity win-win, Promote the global competitiveness of China SMT, Contribute value for the world SMT


Qihe pick&place machine selected high quality materials,using the perfect craft .
Each part is carefully designed and User-friendly software.
Each machine will be rigorously tested before it is sold.
When Qihe is your choice, you have all your convenience: outstanding quality, perfect service.


Qihe has a highly educated, high-quality talent composed of entrepreneurial team.
Team members have a sense of innovation and the courage to meet the challenges.
Professional research and development team, We participate in various exhibitions.
Products are sold all over the global.




Qihe is manufacturer of Desktop Automatic Pick and Place Machine and also provide SMT production line. The main products are desktop pick&place machine, vertical pick and place machine. Many kinds of reflow oven, high precision printing machine and solder paste mix machine.

Abouts QiHe

Yueqing QiHe Electrical Technology Co.,ltd., located in Yueqing Economic Development Zone Thousand Youth Talents Plan Project High tech Industrial Park, is a start-up tech company ,specializing in producing SMT machines.
At present, our company’s main product is ‘automatic visual pick and place machine.’ The characteristic of the machine is multiple nozzle heads and multiple cameras,it’s really competitive on the market, playing a leading role in this industry.
We have set a long lasting cooperation and partnership with nearly 50 countries’ customers and have dealers around the w…[MORE]


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Welcome to Yueqing QiHe Electr...


Welcome to Yueqing QiHe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


What is SMT?


SMT / MES industry tripartite confrontation China SMT / MES industry is mainly concentrated in the e......


QiHe electronic placement mach...





Q: How many nozzles do you supply? Do you sell nozzles and spares?
A: The TVM802 has two nozzle-heads, we supply 4 nozzles. The TVM920 has four nozzle-heads, we supply eight nozzles. Yes, we do sell nozzles and spares. If you need any spars, just let us know.

Q: Do you provide software updates?
A: Customers who buy our machines, we can offer free upgrades software for you.

Q: What air supply is required?
A: Oil free compressor and air dryer be used.

Q: What is the performance?
A: For TVM920 it's 7,000 cph no video, 5000 cph with video. For TVM802, it's 4000 cph with no video, 2000 cph with video.

Q: How about the warranty?
A: We support one year warranty( The nozzle with a warranty of 1 months; belt with a warranty of 3 months ). We will regularly update the software for customers. If there is any doubt in the process of operating the machine, pls feel free contact us. We will help you in time. All the spare parts will be provided free of charge for you within the warranty period.

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