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PCBA washing process after reflowing and smt pick and place process

PCBA washing process and process principle

Principle of PCBA online washing process

Components controlled by the speed of the conveyor belt are continuously on the conveyor belt and the production cycle time is uninterrupted cleaning method. It is suitable for the cleaning of large quantities of PCBA, and completes all processes of water-based cleaning, water-based rinsing and drying online through different cavities.

qihe Smt pick and place machine & PCBA washing processing steps

PCBA online washing process

Into the board → chemical pre-washing → chemical cleaning → chemical isolation → pre-rinsing → rinsing → spray after Z → air cutting drying → drying

PCBA online cleaning process

qihe Smt pick and place machine & PCBA washing processing steps

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning process

The batch cleaning process is the cleaning of multiple components in a controlled production time period or different batches of a component. In the batch PCBA washing process, ultrasonic cleaning is the most common cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning process:

qihe Smt pick and place machine & PCBA washing processing steps

Features of ultrasonic cleaning process:

The whole process of water-based cleaning, water-based rinsing, and drying is completed in one or more chambers; it can be used to clean the assembly structure with low support height and narrow bottom gap; the cleaning effect is optimized near the optimum temperature for the effectiveness of ultrasonic waves.

Advantages of PCBA Washing Process

  1. Safe operation, non-flammable and non-explosive
  2. Use economy
  3. Good compatibility with substrates and wide cleaning range
  4. Material safety and environmental protection
  5. It has the joint effect of multiple cleaning mechanisms
  6. Flexible process options
qihe Smt pick and place machine & PCBA washing processing steps

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With the development of technology, future electronic products will be lighter, smaller and thinner. Traditional assembly technology can no longer meet the requirements of high-precision and high-density assembly. A new type of PCB assembly technology-SMT (Surface Mount Technology) has emerged. SMT Assembly is the use of automated machines to assemble electronic components on the surface of the circuit board. Its density, high speed, standardization and other characteristics occupies an absolute advantage in the field of circuit assembly technology. In addition, SMT assembly has a wide range of uses.

WHAT IS SMT pick and place machine?

SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) is a comprehensive system engineering technology, which covers substrates, design, equipment, components, assembly processes, production accessories and management. When it comes to SMT pick and place machines, the automatic SMT production line requires automatic loading and unloading machine, automatic solder paste printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering machine, AOI inspection equipment, connecting table, etc. For these SMT assembly line equipment, Qihe SMT can offer you machines in prototype SMT line, small SMT production line, mass production SMT line at low SMT line cost. Contact us now if you are interested.


There are mainly three steps in SMT assembly line process flow: solder paste printing, components placement and reflow soldering.

  1. Solder Paste Printing

Its function in SMT line process is to print the solder-free paste on the pads of the PCB to prepare for the soldering of the components. The equipment used is a screen printing machine, located at the forefront of the SMT production line.

  1. Components Placement

Its function is to accurately install the surface mount components on the fixed position of the PCB. The equipment used is a placement machine, located behind the screen printing machine in the SMT production line.

  1. Reflow Soldering

Its function in SMT manufacturing line is to melt the solder paste so that the surface mount components and the PCB board are firmly bonded together. The equipment used is a reflow oven, located behind the placement machine in the fully automatic SMT production line.

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