QRF1230 12 Zones SMT Reflow Oven solder welding with cabinet

Desktop reflow oven QR962C Maximum Soldering Area: 400*600 mm


The QRF1230 infrared benchtop reflow oven is bigger size than QRF830 model SMT Reflow Oven solder welding .Which uses the PID temperature control system and rapid infrared heating technology controlling, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed. The whole soldering process can be completed automatically and it is very easy to use. It is suitable for the board has chips and output is larger or the welding quality requirements are better.Designed with Multi-temperature curve choose.Four zones special temperature control mode more stable and precise.High quality thermocouple porcelain bead protect.Full-color HMI human-computer interface(touch screen).Super anti-temperature fan.Liner hearth use industrial grade anti high temperature and corrosion panel paint.PID microcomputer global temperature control system. High efficiency and energy saving finned heating tube.High temperature fan.Built in analog governor.

Heat zone numbers12 zones(Up6, Down6)
Heat methodHot wind
Cooling zone numbersTwo natural air cooling
Length of heating zone2080mm
Width of net belt300mm
PCB size280mm
Height of net belt900±20mm
Transport speed of net belt160~1350mm/min(Analog quantity adjusting)
Transport direction of net beltLeft to right( right to left)
Starting power14KW
Working power5KW
Input supply powerThree-phase five-wire 380±10% 50HZ
Heat up timeAbout 20 mins
Time of passing through the machine3.5 to 5.5 mins
Range of temperature controlIndoor temperature to 400 degrees PID Closed-loop Control
Method of temperature controlPID close cycle control
Net weight430kg
Outline size3500x730x1265mm