AOI800 Vision system Automated Optical Inspection AOI machine




5 million pix full-color high speed digital camera, ensure high efficiency, high quality and high stability of image shooting, restore the real and natural image effect.
a. Windows 7 x64 operation system,high data processing speed.
b. GPU independent hardware processing images, while CPU processing non-image computing, so as to balance the efficiency of computer system.
c. Thousands of sales, advanced and upgraded configuration and continuous technological innovation based on 6 series AOI products, high stability and efficiency.
d. Optional telecentric lens with high resolution, unique parallel light design, PCBA tilted or tall components can be distinctly displayed.
e. Intelligent and fast programming,intelligent algorithm, no need of manual intervention, easy to learn, high detection rate, low error rate.
f. Flexible and mobile maintenance station and SPC checking terminal.
g. Mobile devices under wireless network, working station can be set up flexibly on workshop in one to many mode: the detection data of multiple online machines can be checked through one maintenance workstation, the defect details are clearly reported. SQL data system are well-defined, SPC report with pie chat and histogram, very convenient for customer process analysis and quality improvement.
h. Convenient and practical offline programming software OLP. PCB genuine image can be taken in real time and stored in full memory, ensure high efficient programming under circumstances of either online or offline.

Inspection systemApplicationAfter stencil printing, after/before reflow oven, after/before wave soldering
 Program modeManual programming, auto programming, CAD data importing
Inspection ItemsStencil printing: Solder unavailability, insufficient or excessive solder, solder misalignment, bridging, stain, scratch etc.
Component defect: missing or excessive component, misalignment, uneven, edging, opposite mounting, wrong or bad component etc.
DIP: Missing parts, damage parts, offset, skew, inversion,etc
Soldering defect: excessive or missing solder, empty soldering, bridging, solder ball, IC NG ,copper stain etc.
Calculation MethodColor calculation, color extraction, gray scale operation, image contrast
Inspection modePCB fully covered, with array and bad marking function
SPC statistics functionFully record the test data and make analysis, with high flexibility to check production and quality status
Minimum componentMissing parts, damage parts, offset, skew,sideways
Optical system Camera full color high speed industrial digital camera
Lens resolution10um/15um/18um/20um/25um, can be custom-made
lighting sourceAnnular stereo multi-channel color light, RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR optional
Computer systemConfiguration A800 Custom configuration
Mechanical systemMoving and inspection mode Y servo motor driving PCB, X servo motor driving camera
PCB dimension50*50mm(Min)~500*400mm(Max), can be customized
PCB thickness0.3~5.0mm
PCB weightMax:3KG
PCB edge3mm,can be custom-made base on need
PCB bending <5mm or 3% of PCB Diagonal length
PCB component heightTop:35mm,Bottom:35mmAdjustable,can be custom-made base on need
XY driving systemAC servo motor, precise ball screw
XY moving speedMax:830mm/s
XY positioning accuracy≦8um
 General parameters Machine dimensionL980 * W980 * H1600 mm
PCB height from ground900±20mm
 Machine weight600KG
Safety standardCE safety standard
Environment temperature and humidity10~35℃,35~80% RH(non condensing) 
OptionalconfigurationMaintenance station, offline programming system, SPC servo, bar code system

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