TVM926S (customized model) SMT pick and place machine 4heads 63slots With Rail Benchtop Pick&Place Machine

TVM926S,4heads,63slots,with rail,servo motor,screw rod,


The TVM926S smt pick and place machine is designing from the TVM926 model and combined the technology from QM61 series.
It increased the hardware like the flight camera,the servo driver and motor,the TBI screw rod,and the automatic transfer rail .
Upgraded the software functional such as the component library,the visual surveillance,the safety alerts,the fault previously warning .
Can handling special-shaped components, BGA, 0201 inch package.
X Y axis adopts servo motor, speed of up to 9500 components per hour (CPH).

Max applicable PCB50*50mm~350x350mm
XY moving range550*700mm
Z moving range±15mm
Placement head quantity4
Mounting capabilityVision Off: 9500pcs/h
Vision On: 6500pcs/h
Mounting accuracy0.025mm
Applicable components0201,0402,0603,0805,sop8 etc.
Components supplyTape reel. bulk package(IC)tubes
PCB transfer directionLeft→Right
Control Systemservo motor+TBI Screw Rod
Tape width8mm. 12mm. 16mm. 24mm
Feeders loading ability63 slots (YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Machine dimensionL1200xW1440xH920mm
Visual camera1 PCB inspection camera , 1 Flying camera
Visual camera(down)Automatic identify the mark point
Visual camera(up)Automatic adjust the offset
Vacuum pump qualityExternal air pump
Power supplyAC220V
Average working Power360W
Gross weight300KG
Packing size1.60CBM
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