How To Solve The Poor Suction Effect Of The Placement Machine

The conventional placement machine is transmitted to the placement machine through the parameters we set in the system, and the placement machine uses the suction nozzle to absorb or place the current material. Many of us often encounter such a problem. It is because the suction effect of the nozzle of the placement machine has deteriorated, or the material cannot be absorbed at all. What is the reason? How can we solve it? Don’t worry, let the editor of Huawei Guochuang multi-function placement machine manufacturer answer for you

        Phenomenon: During the operation of the placement machine, the suction nozzle cannot always be sucked in. Or it can be sucked in front, but cannot suck out after the machine is running. Common reasons:

       1. No negative pressure: This may be due to a problem with the air circuit or the vacuum generator, resulting in no negative pressure. Solution: Check the gas circuit and vacuum generator, if there is a problem, repair it.

       2. The negative pressure solenoid valve is not opened: If there is no problem with the negative pressure, it may be because the negative pressure solenoid valve is not opened, so the placement machine cannot suck in the material. Solution: Check whether the negative pressure solenoid valve is normally opened.

       3. The suction nozzle is blocked: If there is no problem with the air circuit, vacuum generator and negative pressure solenoid valve, but the placement machine still cannot suck out the material, it is probably because the suction nozzle is blocked. Solution: If the suction port is blocked and the placement machine cannot suck the material, the suction port is required.

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