TVM802BX SMT pick and place machine 2heads 46slots desktop pnp mounter deluxe edition


TVM802BX SMT pick and place machine (desktop pnp mounter). The advantages of this model are the built-in industrial control computer, optimized driver and software algorithm,2 placement heads,46 slots.
Can handling smallest package size:0402 inch and up to largest size:TQFP100.The external dimensions of TVM802BX are 940mm*940mm*320mm. Deluxe edition is mainly composed of built-in industrial control computer,working head, dual vision system, operation platform, patented feeding rack,, closed-loop motor drive system, internal vacumm pump,etc. Voltage AC220V or AC110V, power 150W.

Max applicable PCB size250*330mm
Max xy moving range395*430mm
Max z moving range12.5mm
Placement head quantity2
Max mounting capabilityVision on: 5500pcs/h
Vision off: 6500pcs/h
Feeder slots & Tape width46pcs, (8mm=38, 12mm=6,16mm=2)
Visual camera2 HD CCD cameras
Applicable component Smallest size:0402inch
Largest size:TQFP100
Power supply220V/110V
Net weight44kg
Gross weight68kg
Machine Dimension94*64*33cm
Packing size107*77*42cm
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