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Causes and Countermeasures of Solder Empty/Solder Skip in PCBA Processing Wave Soldering

Today author from qihe smt pick and place machine tell you about it with you .The reasons for Solder skip when the PCBA has been processed by wave soldering are:

  1. The activity of solder paste is weak;
  2. The copper-platinum spacing is too large or the copper-paste small components are too large;
  3. The flatness of the component feet is not good (warped feet, deformation)
  4. PCB copper and platinum are too dirty or oxidized;
  5. The PCB board contains moisture;
  6. There are perforations on the PCB copper and platinum
SMT pick and place machine &Solder problems in PCB Soldering

The solution to wave soldering Solder Empty

There are many reasons why Solder skip occurs in PCBA over wave soldering, and specific problems need to be analyzed in detail

The solution can be found by carefully arranging and finding the cause on the spot. The following solutions can be tried.

  1. Feed back the bad PCB board to the supplier or steel mesh and set the pad spacing to 0.5mm;
  2. Clean the PCB with flux;
  3. The machine blows too much air and blows the solder paste away;
  4. Component oxidation;
  5. Solder skip is caused by the solder paste of the board edge components being wiped off during the flow-drawing process;
  6. The hole is large and the pin is too thin.

The above is the introduction of the DIP plug-in process of smt chip processing manufacturers common problem.

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