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SMT desktop line TVM802BX from Indonesia qihe pnp applied to solar street lights

Today we are going to share a video from a client which is the producer of Solar street lights.They recently purchased a set of dekstop line smt pick and place machine for Solar street lights,Power supply,Controller manufacturing .
Including smt pick and place machine(pnp machine / chip mounter), pcb printing machine(stencil printer), reflow oven ( soldering machine ).
By the way, let’s talk about some knowledge when you choose solar lights .

TVM802 desktop SMT production line Deluxe edition

We can provide low volume SMT line for small batch production for the start ups & R &D . 2 head Pick and place machines available. There are two models(29 slots or 46 slots) for you to choose from . Desktop SMT line also including automatic solder paste mixer,manual printer and tabletop reflow oven .Can handling smallest package size:0402 inch and up to largest size:TQFP100.

What do you need to know about the configuration of solar street lights?

Although the development of the solar street light industry is very hot at present, solar street lights have been gradually applied to the lighting construction of urban roads and rural roads, but many people still do not understand solar street lights.

Many customers think that the solar configuration of solar street lights is as large as possible, and some people think that solar energy can be used as long as it is solar energy

Regardless of the solar configuration used, it is easy to waste resources or fail to meet lighting requirements.

In fact, when buying LED solar street lights, it is not to consider the solar configuration. According to the use of the site, how many high poles need to be used on the road, and then choose the light source according to the height source wattage, and then consider the brightness.

Light hours and rainy days need to last in order to be able to get the proper solar system capacity to ensure the normal use of solar lighting street lights.

For example, if it is a park area or other places, 3-4 meters of solar street lights can be used, but if roads, factories and other 4-meter factory roads need to use 6-meter solar street lights for different purposes.

It is necessary to use solar street lights with different configurations, so we must understand the lighting needs required to buy solar street lights.

How to determine a good LED street light manufacturer?

When buying LED street lights, users all hope that they can get better quality products. At the same time, they also hope to have a good after-sales service.

However, there are hybrid technologies from LED street light manufacturers on the market. How do you identify a good LED street light manufacturer?

Project Master Planning: Advance planning is to prepare lighting projects in a predictable manner and reduce the occurrence of unexpected events. Generally, LED street light manufacturers ignore this step. However, good LED street light manufacturers should consider the problem more from the perspective of consumers.

For example, the engineering process, project budget, project details, etc. should be as detailed as possible. This is the professional performance of a good street light manufacturer.

There is also the overall design of the project: the design phase is the most difficult step to determine. Various design options emerge for every lighting project.

A professional LED street light manufacturer will do just that, communicate with customers, understand what kind of effect the customer needs to achieve, formulate the style, and design according to a reasonable budget. Face every lighting project plan with a perfect attitude.

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