2023 Dragon Boat Festival greetings from QiHe SMT

2023 Dragon Boat Festival greetings from QiHe SMT

Dear all friends
The traditional Dragon Boat festival is here again in the middle of the year. Hanging heart to move you, a love bless you, and a genuine feeling waiting for your response. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying the holiday that is happy in every way.Best wishes for you and your family.You are also welcome to select qihe smt equipment .
The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday which occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, which corresponds to late May or June in the Gregorian calendar.
A commemoration of the ancient poet Qu Yuan,The two main activities which take place at this time are holding dragon boat races and eating sticky rice dumplings called zongzi.

Wish you all the luck, the Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

by QiHe SMT equipment manufacture team .

,شركات تصنيع الدوائر الالكترونية في مصر,Wish you all the luck, the Dragon Boat Festival is happy.
QiHe SMT equipment manufacture team .
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Where does Dragon Boat Festival come from?

Its origins can be traced to southern China, and festivities include boat races and eating rice dumplings. The festival had evolved from the practice of revering the river dragon, to the commemoration of Qu Yuan, a third-century poet and political figure of the state of Chu in ancient China.
references https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Boat_Festival

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Surface mount technology is a part of the electronic assembly that deals with the mounting of electronic components to the surface of a PCB. Electronic components mounted this way are called surface-mounted devices (SMD). SMT was developed to minimize manufacturing costs while making efficient use of board space.Qihe SMT company develops and produces all kinds of SMT equipment suitable for world wide market, including pnp machine,reflow oven,stencil printer,pcb handling machines,and other products.
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What is SMT in programming?

Offline Automated Programming vs Inline SMT Programming
Qihe pick and place machine can be programmed directly on the SMT equipment .
Or Coordinates can also be imported csv file through programming software.
Currently supported software such as protel,DXP,Altium Designer,Pads,Candes,proteus,DXP.
Inline SMT programming is a solution to consider for narrow segments of device programming requiring short programming times, with medium to high volume, for just one device type.

WHAT IS SMT pick and place machine?

SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) is a comprehensive system engineering technology, which covers substrates, design, equipment, components, assembly processes, production accessories and management. When it comes to SMT pick and place machines, the automatic SMT production line requires automatic loading and unloading machine, automatic solder paste printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering machine, AOI inspection equipment, conveyor,connecting table, etc. For these SMT assembly line equipment, Qihe SMT can offer you machines in prototype SMT line, small SMT production line, mass production SMT line at low SMT line cost. Contact us now if you are interested.

How to choose the right smt pick and place robot?

SMT Pick and place robots can execute virtually all smd material handling operations both cost-efficiently and effectively — With several designs and configurations available in the market, it can be challenging to pick one that suits your operational needs. To help you make the right decision, some factors and features you should look out for when purchasing a pick and place robot.The most important thing is the operating system, then the hardware configuration, the types of components supported, and the speed of operation, the accuracy of placement, and the smt setup cost of the entire smt line .
Qihe smt pick&place machine is a professional operating system independently developed. It has more than ten years of user experience, combined with the algorithm improvement of world-renowned colleges, and the most advanced flying camera and motion system. It is your best choice. The system is friendly for beginners and professionals.


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