Switching Power Supply: Uses Advantages

Switching Power Supply: Uses Advantages and Working

A power supply is an electrical device that converts the electric current that comes from a power source to the voltage value necessary for powering a load, like a motor or an electronic device. There are two main designs for power supplies: a linear power supply and a switching power supply.. Today qihe smt pick and place machine will share Switching Power Supply Uses Advantages and Working.

Switching Power Supply: Uses Advantages and Working

The following is the general design sequence of switching power supply, which is helpful for beginners to master the design framework of switching power supply. A complete design process often needs to be repeated in the following steps:

1: Select a converter circuit according to the input voltage range and output voltage. When the input voltage range is higher than the output voltage, select the BUCK converter; otherwise, select the boost converter. Sometimes it is also necessary to use a hybrid converter.

2: Choose a control chip according to the output power and physical size. The complexity of the circuit is often determined by the output power. The higher the power, the larger the volume and the more complex the circuit structure. In this step, the size of the power usually affects the choice of switching frequency. Here, consider diode or synchronous rectification.

3: Select the inductor current ripple according to the output voltage ripple requirement. Due to the interaction between capacitor ESR and ripple current, the size of the output current ripple affects the selection of input and output capacitors.

4: Calculate inductor size based on input current ripple and average current.

Switching Power Supply: Uses Advantages and Working

5: Calculate the required current sampling resistor according to the specifications of the control chip.

6: Select the switch tube and diode according to the inductor current.
7: Calculate the size of the input and output capacitors based on the current ripple and voltage ripple.
8: Preliminary design of the loop compensation circuit.
9: Select the soft opening element, if desired.

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What is SMT in engineering?

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What is SMT in programming?

Offline Automated Programming vs Inline SMT Programming
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Or Coordinates can also be imported csv file through programming software.
Currently supported software such as protel,DXP,Altium Designer,Pads,Candes,proteus,DXP.
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