With the continuous development of the global economy, the environmental pollution caused by waste discharged by industrial equipment has become increasingly serious. It has become urgent to vigorously develop new energy-saving technologies and actively develop new power sources to reduce the dependence of industrial equipment on conventional fossil fuels.

Battery Control Unit Reference Design

With the continuous development of the global economy, the environmental pollution caused by waste discharged by industrial equipment has become increasingly serious. It has become urgent to vigorously develop new energy-saving technologies and actively develop new power sources to reduce the dependence of industrial equipment on conventional fossil fuels. Using lithium-ion batteries as power energy devices for industrial equipment can solve this problem well.Today qihe smt pick and place machine sharing Battery Control Unit Reference Design .

As a key component in the lithium battery power system, the battery management system (BMS) is the connection between the battery and the entire power system. The battery management system mainly determines the current working status of the battery by monitoring battery parameters (voltage, current, temperature, etc.) in real time. If there is an imbalance, the entire lithium battery pack is returned to the basic equilibrium state through the balance control unit.

At present, there are still some technical bottlenecks that need to be overcome in the application of power battery management systems on equipment. How to solve the problems that arise in the power lithium battery system is the main content of the battery management system designed in this article.

The battery balancing management system explained in this article mainly serves various industrial equipment powered by lithium batteries. The realization of each function of the lithium battery management system requires a complete hardware system to support it. Since a general lithium battery power system requires a large number of batteries, the versatility of the acquisition system must be taken into consideration in the design of the lithium battery management system; due to the complexity of the actual application site environment, the reliability and stability of BMS communication must be ensured

Field control unit module

The main function of the on-site control unit module is to obtain the voltage and temperature signals of the battery in the battery system through the data acquisition chip, process the obtained data through the controller, and then obtain the working status of the entire battery system and the estimated value of the host computer through algorithm processing. The remaining capacity of the battery system, if the battery energy is unbalanced, the on-site controller will start the corresponding balancing control unit circuit to achieve consistent energy balance of the entire battery pack, and provide the battery working status through the human-computer interaction interface in real time to users. If the battery fails, the user will be informed promptly and corresponding protective actions will be taken . Since this system requires communication with the lower computer and needs to be connected to peripherals such as a display screen, the on-site controller needs to have rich peripheral interfaces.

Data acquisition module

The underlying system is a battery data acquisition chip, and its functions mainly include related conditioning and acquisition of battery signals. The accurate collection of these signal data is particularly important for battery energy balance, and the formulation of battery storage energy usage strategies is crucial. The underlying data acquisition chip contains two acquisition modules: cell voltage acquisition module and battery cell temperature acquisition module . A data acquisition board collects the voltage of 3 battery cells and the temperature of 6 battery cells. Smt pick and place

Balanced control unit module

The main function of the balance control module is to transfer the data processed by the ATA6870 chip to the ATmega32HVB main controller to make balance control decisions based on the corresponding balance control algorithm, transfer the energy from the high-voltage battery cells and temporarily store it in the corresponding energy storage in the inductor, and then the energy is transferred to the adjacent battery cells through the energy storage inductor. This two-way balancing method with less energy consumption increases the overall capacity of the lithium battery pack and also slows down the deterioration of the lithium battery cells. (SoH)

Battery management chips are in the power management segment. The main product forms include battery metering (electricity There are three major categories of chips: meter),attery safety, and charging management. Battery management chip belongs to power management

Breaking down the track, the battery metering chip is used to determine the state of charge (SoC) and health of the battery.
(SoH) to estimate the battery state of charge; the battery safety chip is mainly used for battery status monitoring Smt pick and place
Control and balance the battery cells to avoid overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit and other faults; charging

Management chips are used to complete voltage conversion, regulation, battery charging management and overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
protection functions.

Consumer electronics market: The product competitiveness of domestic chips continues to improve, and the market share increases rapidly.

n the field of consumer electronics, mobile phones, laptops, smart wearables (headphones, watches), electrical engineering
Tools (robots, vacuum cleaners), etc. all require battery management chips. According to statistics from IDC and other statistics,

the sales (units/units) of mobile phones, PCs, PADs, watches, headphones, etc. will be 1.3 billion and 1.3 billion respectively.
270 million, 170 million, 130 million, 310 million. Among them, battery safety is a must for all types of electronic equipment.
chip. With the popularization of technologies such as fast charging, 5G, and large-capacity batteries, mobile phones, laptops,
PADs, high-end watches and headphones have higher and more urgent demands on battery metering chips.Smt pick and place

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